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An NFT project – In the future, the metaverse is the dominant reality, where people spend 99% of their time, where business is done, relationships play out, and – thanks to technology – feelings and sensations are felt as though real.

But it’s boring. SO boring, since being largely appropriated and homogenised by the global government.

These NarcotiX – these digital pills – have been developed to inject some fun back into virtual life. Illicit hacks and mods that allow for real human feelings, as well as unreal human feats, and absurdist idiocy.

Because, why not? The only limit to these bettaverse experiences is the imagination of the Xemists who code the pills. Collect and deal NarcotiX, stash them for a rainy day (with soon-to-be-unveiled benefits), and become part of a growing subversive community of Xperience junkies and kingpins of kaos…

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When does NarcotiX launch?

Public Mint is on Feb 24th. Click here to visit the Narcotix Collection page on #1 site.

The website is your first step into the world of NarcotiX.

There’s more to the NarcotiX system than meets the eye.

Vulnerabilities have been detected.

How much do NarcotiX cost to mint?

From the supplier (that’s us), the cost is Ӿ33 each. Once our cupboards are bare, you can hunt for (or deal) NarcotiX on Gamma, for whatever price they’re going for…


There is no personal limit. But when they’re gone, they’re gone. You can mint on Gamma, ThisIsNumberOne or on the NarcotiX website. Any subsequent dealing needs to be done over at Gamma. We don’t want any heat round here.


We’re keeping this info under wraps for now. All will be revealed. Suffice it to say: holding any of the 4 Chemical X collections (Smileys, BrandX, XLove and $€X¥) will get you places and reap benefits non-holders will be missing out on.

How many Chemical X NFTs do I need?

There’s no set amount you need, though it’s worth noting that the more you have, the greater the benefits. The amount you’re holding is directly proportional to size of the prize. So don’t be shy in growing your CX collection.


3,333 total. It’s a big ol’ collection, and for good reason. The Ӿ33 price tag is set to enable everyone to get a piece of the pill-popping pie, and potentially build an empire. 3 is the magic number. And we’ve plenty more triX up our sleeve…

What is the roadmap?

Our roadmap is to entertain you through the world we are creating. Our objective: to tickle your imaginations and bring some fun to this digital world we inhabit. Something we think is much needed right now. It’s not an easy time for anyone involved in crypto, so if we can facilitate some fun and frolics, we’ll be happy.


Once you have copped your NarcotiX you’ll be able to keep an eye on your personal stash here. How’s it looking? You good? Don’t get left behind while others fill their boots. When the digital dust has settled and you have your stash, hold on to your NX for a rainy day. Because when it rains pills, it’s gonna pour.


That information is currently classified. For now, you’ll have to use your imagination as to what a lab in the future might look like. And what it might be used for. What we can tell you, is this is one upgrade you won’t want to miss out on.


To get your clammy mitts on NarcotiX you need to connect a supported digital wallet extension to to allow your wallet’s cryptocurrency to be used for purchasing NFTs. We recommend using the Xverse wallet extension. [LEARN MORE]

Can I access on mobile?

Yes! To plugin your wallet though, you’ll need to boot the NarcotiX Systems site up via the inbuilt browser in the Xverse App. [DOWNLOAD]

Where can I get help?

Find the NarcotiX team on our social channels or join the This Is Number #1 Discord – the community are always there to help.



All compounds generate at a base rate of 1mg, per compound, per day.

Certain traits and attributes will earn XTRA.


1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day


1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day






All Expression compounds generate at different rates depending on what you are holding. Certain attributes and other CX / XXX artwork you hold will earn XTRA.







INFO ///

>> Shake n’ bake

As we all have no choice now but to live our lives in what the metaverse has become (restrictive, homogenised, overregulated – and VERY DULL), the NarcotiX System is the only way to get your kicks in 2088.

Because NarcotiX was built not just to keep you entertained but to allow you to tap into all the real (and (surreal) feelings and experiences that the powers that be have deemed unnecessary, unproductive, or otherwise detrimental to their version of what society – what civilisation – should be: a well-oiled, over sanitised, perfectly ordered machine.

But we don’t want to be obedient cogs in this machine. We want to subvert it. Disrupt it. Give it a big ol’ shake up.

>> Your Stash

Your NarcotiX are the key to being part of this shake up and the pills that you Stash here determine not only your status within the NX System (which will reap its own rewards at various points) but what you yourself can produce within the NarcotiX System…

Because the Stash allows you to yield the various compounds that you are holding, you will be instrumental in expanding both the network as well as what it offers users.

>> Mo’ Stash, Mo’ propagation

The bigger your Stash, the more you will be able to do with your compounds and the more integral a player you will be to the System. All will soon become clear. There are also Xtras you can yield depending on pill shape, expression, and other characteristics (check these in Compound Xtras and Expression Xtras).

BEWARE: For now we strongly recommend that you Stash all your NarcotiX together, and having compounds next to each other will help you in the Lab.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Keep Stashing. Build up as many compounds as you can. Once you see what we will be cooking up in the XLab (and I mean ‘we’), you’ll be glad you went in hard (and went early). Boy are we gonna have some fun…


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