}: Booting_NarcotiX //

Welcome to NarcotiX. Your pill-enabled passport to the bettaverse.

Catering to all Xperience junkies and dice rollers who savour the random. We’re taking the power back. And adding a bit of hocus pocus…


:- We say NO to the beigetopian drudgery of what this digital life has become.
:- We say YES to feeling human. And superhuman.
:- And YES to experiencing all that Metaverse 9.0 was coded to allow us to experience.


>So have fun, wreak chaos, but don’t overdo it. REMEMBER:  this is an unreal world with real life consequences. So don’t get caught. But there will also be some real life events you will WANT to be embroiled in. So keep ‘em peeled over on our Discord.




Our Xemists are working day and night on something behind the digital curtain that’s going to blow your grey matter, and the virtual minds of your future customers (if your game is tight and you play your narcs right…)

/Further info to follow. Discord. Standby.

The_XLounge //

Verify your holdings here. Whatcha’ got, homie? More importantly, what you need? We got the good s**t. The nowhere-else s**t. You’ll need to link your wallet on the door.



Your_Stash //

Your doorway to those magic circles. And rectangles, triangles and parallelograms. What’s in your wallet? Or your duffle bag? What’s in that briefcase, my guy? More importantly… what do they do?

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your customers happy. Unless you’re just a fiend getting jacked on your own stash – no judgement here. You do you. And be whoever you want to be. Collect those experiences or flip that food and stuff that duffle bag with CYBEnjamins $$$$…

The_XLab //

What can we tell you. Well. Let’s just say that once we start serving up, it will be worth your while to keep a sizeable chunk of what you cop here, in the Chemical X Memorial Lab (to give it its full title), where evolution is the name of the game.

To be clear, though – there’s nothing natural about this selection – quite the opposite. Expect the unexpected. Inspect the uninspected. Then get ready to unleash the NeXt generation…




All compounds generate at a base rate of 1mg, per compound, per day.

Certain traits and attributes will earn XTRA.


1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day


1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day
1mg compound per day






All Expression compounds generate at different rates depending on what you are holding. Certain attributes and other CX / XXX artwork you hold will earn XTRA.







INFO ///

>> Shake n’ bake

As we all have no choice now but to live our lives in what the metaverse has become (restrictive, homogenised, overregulated – and VERY DULL), the NarcotiX System is the only way to get your kicks in 2088.

Because NarcotiX was built not just to keep you entertained but to allow you to tap into all the real (and (surreal) feelings and experiences that the powers that be have deemed unnecessary, unproductive, or otherwise detrimental to their version of what society – what civilisation – should be: a well-oiled, over sanitised, perfectly ordered machine.

But we don’t want to be obedient cogs in this machine. We want to subvert it. Disrupt it. Give it a big ol’ shake up.

>> Your Stash

Your NarcotiX are the key to being part of this shake up and the pills that you Stash here determine not only your status within the NX System (which will reap its own rewards at various points) but what you yourself can produce within the NarcotiX System…

Because the Stash allows you to yield the various compounds that you are holding, you will be instrumental in expanding both the network as well as what it offers users.

>> Mo’ Stash, Mo’ propagation

The bigger your Stash, the more you will be able to do with your compounds and the more integral a player you will be to the System. All will soon become clear. There are also Xtras you can yield depending on pill shape, expression, and other characteristics (check these in Compound Xtras and Expression Xtras).

BEWARE: For now we strongly recommend that you Stash all your NarcotiX together, and having compounds next to each other will help you in the Lab.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Keep Stashing. Build up as many compounds as you can. Once you see what we will be cooking up in the XLab (and I mean ‘we’), you’ll be glad you went in hard (and went early). Boy are we gonna have some fun…


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